Hi, I’m Gizelle - Writer, Editor, Content Marketer.

And I’m obsessed with stories.

I’m an avid reader (specifically fiction, memoirs, and creative non-fiction) and run a book club. I have a minor in Journalism  and an MFA in creative writing (poetry). And when I entered the SaaS world after grad school, not knowing much about this world, I used stories to bridge the gap.

The thing I learned first: people in the B2B SaaS world are innovative and they love being ahead of the curve. From product features to internal processes, this world is all about doing things differently. In these stories, the customer is the hero, saving the day using your product.

Because this space is constantly changing, my skills are constantly evolving. I love learning new things and finding new ways to drive value using content.

Benefits of working with me

In addition to years of experience with content, when working with me, you get:

  • Quality copywriting optimized for search and conversion.

  • Experience writing for B2B SaaS companies in category creation mode.

  • Timely correspondence and turnaround.

  • A SaaS storytelller.


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