My writing process

The 5 step process listed below applies to much of the work I do, but specifically content writing. The process might be altered slightly for content strategy clients.

Step 1: Intake

To start, fill out the intake form to give me a general idea of what your content needs are and the scope of the project. If I’ve determined that I have the capacity to work with you, I will contact you within 24-48 hours with a link to set up a meeting.

In that discovery meeting, we will go deeper into your content goals and challenges, audience pains and gains, and competitor intel. We will scope out the project (content type, length, topics, CTAs, etc) and hammer out project requirements.

Step 2: Outline

The I will outline a project proposal that covers details we discussed during our call. This may come in the form of a content outline or a strategy presentation, depending on the service requested.

After I submit the outline to you, you have a chance to review and approve it. Upon approval, I will send over an engagement contract and a 50% deposit will be due.

Step 3: Write

After collecting all outstanding information I need from you like editorial and brand guidelines, then I get to creating! Depending on the length and depth of the content, it might take a week to finish the draft. This will have been discussed in steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Approve

After I finish writing, I submit the first draft to you via Google Docs. Read for clarity and structure and ensure that I have fulfilled the prompts of the brief. If there are suggestions for edits, submit them within 3 business days, and I will incorporate suggestions and edits. Writing packages come with up to two revisions.

Step 5: Publish

After all changes are made and edits have been incorporated, your content will be finished! Congrats. When the content has been approved, I will send an invoice for the final amount.

I’d love to know what content projects you have in the works right now and how I can help!

Ready to work with me?

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